Bryan McLachlan is also the author of Shadows & Deceptions and Triangle of stars.


  Now available on and Kindle


The Solntsevskaya--The Russian Mafia-- is aiming to kill former US Army Special Forces Captain Marcus Kaderri. Only Kaderri doesn't know it. Informed that a secret mission he led decades ago has been discovered and former members of his special forces team are being targeted and dying, Kaderri sets aside his successful financial business and family to find out who's after the men he once commanded and why. His journey takes him from the streets of Albany, NY to Arlington, VA and the pine forests of NC. Helpful information even comes in from the battlefields of Afghanistan where the CIA is hunting international weapons dealers and members of al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The answers Kaderri finds and where they take him are startling. Having to go on the offensive before any more of his team or he becomes a victim, Kaderri enlists the help of two former special forces friends and an angry Albany detective named Gary Trainor. Together they travel to Russia to put an end to a personal vendetta against a ruthless foe. The question is, who will be the victor?





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