Shadows & Deceptions

    The assassinations of drug dealers is going well for former U.S. Army Special Forces Captian Marcus Kaderri and Sergant Robert Wolff.  That is until they come across a ruthless adversary from their past.  Their focus of eliminating drug dealers from the streets of Albany, NY turns to a pursuit of personal retribution.  It's a pursuit that increases the body count and soon Kaderri becomes the hunter as well as the hunted.
     As the bodies pile up around the city, detective Gary Trainor is assigned to solve the inordinate amount of murders.  After investigating every angle with no solid leads to follow, Trainor is getting nowhere in the investigation and questions his investigative abilities.  Even the relationship he starts with a beautiful, ambitious reporter turns sour.  Finally, he gets a break and is close to solving the murders.  Suddenly, Trainor finds himself embroiled in a life or death fight and an international operation that involves Kaderri, the CIA and Mossad (Israeli Intelligence).

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Shadows & Deceptions
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