Triangle of Stars

Libya is up to its terrorist ways again.  This time, it's not violence that it uses against the United States, but a more devious scheme that has worldwide implications.  It's a plan that involves Tarifa Khalil, a beautiful, deadly Libyan Intelligence officer and Rashan Mobutu, a dishonored Green Beret and the nationwide militia group he joined know as the Black Warriors.
The CIA and federal law enforcement agencies begin piecing together intelligence from around the world and from militia activites here at home.  Before long, Libya's and the Black Warriors sinister plans soon become clear.  But standing in the way is Mobutu's former commander Captain Matthew Bennington and Albany, NY Detective Gary Trainor.  Can Trainor discover what the Black Warriors are about and how they are connected to Libya?
There's only one way to find out and tha's to call in help from a man who has the ability to get  the answers, Marcus Kaderri.  As Trainor and Kaderri work to put an end to the Black Warriors, Bennington puts his warrior skills to the test to stop Libya.  Not only do the climatic battles determine who the victors are, but the conclusions of individual pursuits.


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